Meet Our Team

We are passionate about our patients and promise to always keep their wellbeing in mind.
Aislinn Winslow
Aislinn WinslowOccupational Therapist
Aislinn Winslow
Occupational Therapist
Principle Therapist and practice manager
Bsc Occupational Therapy (Wits)

Aislinn has been working as an Occupational Therapist for the last 16 years and has experience in a variety of clinical and corporate sessions. OT services has been running since 2007 and provided therapy in a neurological, psychiatric and autoimmune conditions. Aislinn has assisted as a medical CPD trainer for large corporates since 2013 and continues to assist in this from of training.

Aislinn has experience in a corporate setting developing and running of wellbeing programs. She has developed content related to ergonomics, sensory solutions, nutrition, mental health, grieving and disability. Furthermore Aislinn assisted with training on benefits of disclosure of disabilities, reasonable accommodations and development of skills required to address disability for managers and human resources staff.

In addition Aislinn has extensive experience in assessing psychiatric conditions and assisting with early intervention prior to submission of ICB claims. Aislinn is trained as a Dietetical based therapist and completed her training in the psych FCE method of assessment in 2020.

As practice owner, she strongly advocates for all forms of visible and invisible disabilities and promoting the value of Occupational Therapy to promote thriving in life. Education and promotion of wellbeing and wellness lives close to her heart to improve quality of life in those surviving, languishing and those thriving.
Mavreeyn Liebenberg
Mavreeyn LiebenbergOccupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Senior Occupational therapist and assistant practice manager
Bsc Occupational Therapy (Wits)

Mavreeyn is a dynamic occupational therapist with 9 years of clinical experience. She has a diverse employment background in public and private healthcare as well as in private practice.

She has expertise in vocational and cognitive rehabilitation and mental health. She is highly skilled at utilizing scientific knowledge and technical skills to provide innovative and professional treatment.

She has extensive knowledge, training and expertise in carrying out complex standardized and functional assessments pertaining to physical, neurological and psychiatric conditions. Mavreeyn prides herself on her clinical skills and ability to build connections with patients.